Everywalk is a very exciting social shopping app to hit the app store recently.

My name is Chris Fogg, I’m the founder of Everywalk and I wanted to share with you why we created Everywalk and some of the things we are passionate about achieving for consumers and retailers across the globe.

It all began when I was asked by my wife to find some new furniture items for our family home. Happy to take on the challenge I started my searches with google but I was struggling to discover new shopping ideas and when I did stumble on items I liked I felt my only option was to buy and actually I wanted to share some of these ideas with my wife, compare different ideas and save them in a place dedicated to my home renovation project, until I was ready to buy.

The conclusion to my shopping experience confirmed there are many websites that are dedicated to retail Amazon etc, yet they are naturally focused on selling products, they are not focused upon the process of shopping and what makes it an enjoyable and fruitful experience. They do not provide an effective platform to support those that are within the decision-making process.

Shopping is everything you enjoy before buying that perfect item; discovering, being inspired, dreaming, capturing, sharing, comparing, planning, getting assistance and whilst there are many websites upon which discoveries can be made there is no single solution that empowers consumers to save and share their discoveries from everywhere whilst deciding upon the perfect items to buy.

Rather than just get frustrated I set out to do something about it and working with Warren Lunt, Head of Product we developed the idea further and built Everywalk.

I wanted one place where I could discover products from every retailer and save them for when I was ready to buy, in a way that is organised to the different interests in my lifestyle, whether this is planning for a holiday or just a night out. 

I also thought it would be very useful if my friends and family could give me a nudge of encouragement towards choices I save and help me discover new ideas through their shopping interests!

This is how Everywalk was created, through a single app people can shop everywhere and save their discoveries for when they’re ready to buy, it’s really quite simple but highly enjoyable too!

It enables you to shop, not just buy! It empowers you to save you discoveries into your own world of shopping and to share them with your friends whilst deciding upon the perfect items to buy.

I love the idea of Everywalk being ‘your world of shopping’, a place where you can take ownership of your discoveries and control when and how brands communicate with you. A single place where you can organise your discoveries relative to your ever-changing lifestyle. Whether this is practical things like getting birthday presents organised for once or more exciting things like a night out or a holiday.

Our vision doesn’t stop there and we have great plans for the future. Our mission is to turn the world of shopping the right way up; where the relationship between consumer and retail brand is always harmonious

Stay tuned